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Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

Investment Management and Promotion

Investment Management and Promotion now a days is very useful as a strategy to promote in line with region economy objectives for attracting the investor to come and boost regional development.
By knowing the Investment management and promotion strategy we will know about International trends in investment, how to develop promotion planning network related with regional economic strategy, targeting which sector to promote, what’s the Key success Factor (KSFs) and what information is needed to set up the business.
Joining the Investment Management and Promotion course at Civil Service College in Singapore sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affair is the best experience I had, trained by experienced trainer from Associate trainer Civil Service College like Mr. Leon Khor is very nice, the course is not only in the class room but also out side class room like learning journey to EDB ( Economic Development Board ), URA City Gallery ( View of Urban landscape and Development ),and also visited Land Transport Gallery,
CSCI is a one stop learning centre for international participants interested in Singapore's public sector reforms and management methodologies, by sharing Singapore goverment's experience and best practices, Overall, all the session and the facilitator are very good.

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