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Kamis, 03 September 2009

My Blog Review ( Visited by 104 Countries )

A lot of countries around the world, every country has its own flag as a symbol, which is quite difficult to remember for many people, but for me, by using Geovisite and Feedjit I can see who was come, the country name and flag at the same time, it was recorded 104 countries visited my sites and most of them are blogger friends whose names are written in my blogroll friend list.
As far as I know only Lallique from turkey which has a lot of flags at her websites, not less than 135 flags from various countries, and of course I’m far behind, that why I wanted others blogger friends from Laos, Bhutan from Asia, Georgia, Khuzestan from Eastern Europe, Ivory Coast, Abidjan from Africa and Suriname from South America could come to my sites and together we enlightened the world with many colors, so let us continue to improve friendship between fellow blogger

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