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Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Tips to trade transactions

Internet is the best tool in the promotion of all products, in many ways, the seller will do in order to attract the buyer, the buyer are recommended needs to be careful in conducting trade transactions, because the buyer migth later feel disappointed and aggrieved, for that, there are several things that need to be considered seriously by buyer, if the transaction involved in big amount of goods, among others:

1. First, Check the status and credibility of the company, in the office of local government official ( e.g. at least using Exporter/Importer Directory Published by Industry and Trade Provincial Office ).
2. check the legality company documents.
3. check on the spot / on location or do face to face transactions
4. check the address / company e-mail, whether the companies using free facilities provided by the search engine or not.

Checking is very useful to understand the situation and condition of the seller, whether the company is an exporter / importer producer or just general importer / exporter (general trader), when it is properly examined, it will be able to avoid disappointed later ( minimize high risk in future).

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