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Selasa, 18 November 2008

Durian Fiesta (Fruits Market Review)

Durian is one of Jambi fruits commodities which easily and plentifully found at left or right side of the road today, and its has bright prospect in local market, much people whether tourists or local communities were sitting and seem really enjoying the taste of durian along the roadside.
Durian is very delicious in taste, the prices only between US $ 0, 4 – 1, 5, depends on its quality, but its smell very strong that’s why these kinds of fruits not allowed taken by plane.
Besides Durian, Duku and Manggis are also famous and well-known as best fruits from Jambi but among those fruits only Manggis was exported, the major market for manggis were Middle East Countries and Japan. These kinds of fruits only can be found in tropical or sub tropical region like South East Asia Countries. Do you like durian ?.

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