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Minggu, 21 September 2008

Doing Business

One of very interesting topics on market system now a days is about Business ,Trading or Investment for investor either involved direct trading or Indirect trading, for you who really want enter the business, here’s some tips :

1. Knowing the potential product that you interested in, and how about market potential and market dynamics like kind of consumers, price and soon, for continuity and time of delivery it must be wrote in MOU ( Memorandum Of Understanding) and Contract sign up.

2. Business Formation or kind of business set up like open representative offices on the area, joint venture or wholly owned enterprise. Consideration for indirect trading, cooperation and involving the local businessmen is needed.

3. Planning your Business structure, which management would be chosen, centralized or decentralized and kind of trading like business to business or business to consumer.

4. Do not forget to visit Business Training Center in your area.

5. Good luck.

Kamis, 04 September 2008


During this month, there are so much discount offering from many Mall, Super Mall or Traditional Market, for many kinds of products , whether its brand-new or old label, and of course its make much people confuse how to chose the right ones, but how far do we know about trade mark or brand, many people just know that trade mark or brand is the name of product, in simple way if we think about something like suits, beverages, TV, fast foot, cars and other of our daily needs, automatically we would think about the brand name of product that easy to remember and well-known in use, what is the importance of knowing trade mark or brand for us ? how about the relation between trade mark or brand name with quality or prices?, just one thing we must know that trade mark or well-known brand name not always related with the asset or investment even in prices, and in many cases trade mark or brand is more higher than asset, so what do you want to buy from the product, quality, price, label, brand name? or one of my friend said to me that he was marketing this but not selling it, wow.. how could it be ? business and trading language make up set and more confuse !

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