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Sabtu, 13 Desember 2008

Did You Know.........

In everyday life we always face the reality that we need a better equipment as a tool to buy goods in trade, and making up the recipes as many friends done at home and make clothes, what happens if the recipes that we cook without good measuring and what happens if the goods we buy is not appropriate size?
To ensure the sale and purchase transactions of goods should always be appropriate size, it needs to be tested the measurement tools with standards applicable internationally, in order to reach the truth, sensitivity and accuracy in measuring things.
Are tools must be tested, surely because each tool used long time duration will be out of date, so it needs to re-calibration, and testing the measurement tools must be done regularly and periodically
If you are a trader or a consumer, did you know that the measurement tools used in the transaction has been good and correct, or it needs to tested and re-calibration the tools

Selasa, 18 November 2008

Durian Fiesta (Fruits Market Review)

Durian is one of Jambi fruits commodities which easily and plentifully found at left or right side of the road today, and its has bright prospect in local market, much people whether tourists or local communities were sitting and seem really enjoying the taste of durian along the roadside.
Durian is very delicious in taste, the prices only between US $ 0, 4 – 1, 5, depends on its quality, but its smell very strong that’s why these kinds of fruits not allowed taken by plane.
Besides Durian, Duku and Manggis are also famous and well-known as best fruits from Jambi but among those fruits only Manggis was exported, the major market for manggis were Middle East Countries and Japan. These kinds of fruits only can be found in tropical or sub tropical region like South East Asia Countries. Do you like durian ?.

Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

Investment Management and Promotion

Investment Management and Promotion now a days is very useful as a strategy to promote in line with region economy objectives for attracting the investor to come and boost regional development.
By knowing the Investment management and promotion strategy we will know about International trends in investment, how to develop promotion planning network related with regional economic strategy, targeting which sector to promote, what’s the Key success Factor (KSFs) and what information is needed to set up the business.
Joining the Investment Management and Promotion course at Civil Service College in Singapore sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affair is the best experience I had, trained by experienced trainer from Associate trainer Civil Service College like Mr. Leon Khor is very nice, the course is not only in the class room but also out side class room like learning journey to EDB ( Economic Development Board ), URA City Gallery ( View of Urban landscape and Development ),and also visited Land Transport Gallery,
CSCI is a one stop learning centre for international participants interested in Singapore's public sector reforms and management methodologies, by sharing Singapore goverment's experience and best practices, Overall, all the session and the facilitator are very good.

Minggu, 21 September 2008

Doing Business

One of very interesting topics on market system now a days is about Business ,Trading or Investment for investor either involved direct trading or Indirect trading, for you who really want enter the business, here’s some tips :

1. Knowing the potential product that you interested in, and how about market potential and market dynamics like kind of consumers, price and soon, for continuity and time of delivery it must be wrote in MOU ( Memorandum Of Understanding) and Contract sign up.

2. Business Formation or kind of business set up like open representative offices on the area, joint venture or wholly owned enterprise. Consideration for indirect trading, cooperation and involving the local businessmen is needed.

3. Planning your Business structure, which management would be chosen, centralized or decentralized and kind of trading like business to business or business to consumer.

4. Do not forget to visit Business Training Center in your area.

5. Good luck.

Kamis, 04 September 2008


During this month, there are so much discount offering from many Mall, Super Mall or Traditional Market, for many kinds of products , whether its brand-new or old label, and of course its make much people confuse how to chose the right ones, but how far do we know about trade mark or brand, many people just know that trade mark or brand is the name of product, in simple way if we think about something like suits, beverages, TV, fast foot, cars and other of our daily needs, automatically we would think about the brand name of product that easy to remember and well-known in use, what is the importance of knowing trade mark or brand for us ? how about the relation between trade mark or brand name with quality or prices?, just one thing we must know that trade mark or well-known brand name not always related with the asset or investment even in prices, and in many cases trade mark or brand is more higher than asset, so what do you want to buy from the product, quality, price, label, brand name? or one of my friend said to me that he was marketing this but not selling it, wow.. how could it be ? business and trading language make up set and more confuse !

Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008

Agriculture Product Price ( Market Review )

Perkembangan beberapa harga Produk yang berasal dari komodity Agro, yang berhasil di pantau pada waktu pelaksanaan pasar lelang Agro di Provinsi Jambi beberapa waktu yang lalu, adalah sebagai berikut :

1. Beras Sitanur Organik........Rp. 4.750/kg
2. Beras IR-64 sentra...........Rp. 4.750/kg
3. Beras G 7 Putri/Cicak rowo...Rp. 5.500/kg
4. Cassiavera...................Rp. 4.700/kg
5. Biji Coklat..................Rp.24.000/kg
6. Jagung manis.................Rp. 800/buah
7. Jahe merah...................Rp. 2.500/kg
8. Kelapa Biji..................Rp. 2.100/butir
9. Kopi Robusta.................Rp.17.000/kg
10.Dodol kentang................Rp. 5.000/kg

Kebanyakan pembeli berasal dalam negeri seperti pedagang dari Provinsi di Sumatera dan Jawa.

Jumat, 25 Juli 2008

Eco Tourism ( Interesting Collaboration )

Sustainable development is very necessary today, because without sustainable development people or businessman or investor only able using natural resources as much as possible and nothing left for other next generation, so the future of next generation become of what?, surely from Globalization Era with free marked become negative reformation era like widely poor and unemployment as a side effect of high tech where using less worker but poor in waste water management as first pollution prevention before flows it to the environment.
there are so many interesting programmed in sustainable development as like REDD or Reducing Emission from deforestation and forest degradation.
In Jambi there are so many plantation develops nowadays like Palm crop, Rubber , Coconut , and tea where as a long as we see surrounding with that crop and it make beauty sceneries, besides we have so many National park such as Kerinci Seblat in Mountainous area, Taman Nasional Bukit Dua Belas forest covering and also Taman Nasional Berbak with many species inside.
In simple word says that plantation development in right way is able become of interesting collaboration between Eco Tourism and reducing emission as pollution prevention to the environment. How do you think?

Kamis, 26 Juni 2008

Celebrating HARGANAS AND BBGRM In Jambi

Jambi are crowded today !, so much peoples come for celebrating HARGANAS ( Hari Keluarga Nasional ) and BBRGM ( Bulan Bakti Gotong Royong Masyarakat ) ke XV where held in Jambi from 25 June untill 30 June 2008, total people come and visited Jambi about 6.500 from All over Region / Province in Indonesia ( about 33 Regions /province ) start from Aceh till very far Province like Papua Barat, each region send 100 - 300 participants to joining this programme and activities in HARGANAS.
HARGANAS ( Hari Keluarga Nasional ) or its means Family National Days which celebrating Annually and take place in the capital of the Province, and this year Jambi turn as a central of the celebration.if Indonesia do not have National Family Planning Program it will be added more than million baby birth every years !
as Impact of that many various hotel either International hotels or Home stay was really full, many activities are done like Trade and Business Exhibition followed by all over region from Indonesia with various goods like handicraft, food and beverages, ornament, electronic and even vehicle which the main product of each participant region, Jambi people fell very happy because we able to find the other souvenir from the other side of Indonesia that we never seen before or will never found in Jambi Market. besides we can compare the progress development of other region, because our Indonesia is very Big and Large Country which has many Various language and tribes, food and religion in each Province.
The Trade and Business Exhibition was opened by Mrs. Mufidah Yusuf Kalla ( vice president wife ).

Senin, 09 Juni 2008

Cooking Fiesta ( MURI record )

Cooking always interesting, but how to cook a lot of fish using the burner ? last Saturday morning on 07 june 2008 there was a fiesta for Jambi peoples, the burner for cooking fiesta was placed alongside the road ( about 4.500 m or 4,5 km along ) in front of governor office and 7 tons of Patin Jambal Fish ( pegassus Jambal fish ) are available and ready to cook by 4500 peoples as participant ( including me ! ), each participant was given about 2,5 kg of fish, and the result? As like me my fish were really burned out and mostly black in color, its because the fire was not burning nicely at that time.
However that activity was recorded as the longest ones in Indonesia, the past record only 4,2 km from Mamuju Sulawesi Selatan. And as the mainly sponsored Gavernor of Jambi Drs. H. Zulkipli Nurdin received a certificate as the longest ones for cooking patin Jambal fish from Jambi by MURI ( Musium Record of Indonesia )

Minggu, 01 Juni 2008

DIGITAL WORLD ( Push Your Own Potency)

Have you ever known who really you are ? ?, so much people says that I know who I am, what I am like and dislike, but is it really they had known who they are ?, why must we know our self potency ?,what is the importance of knowing our self potency ?of course that all is very valuable to know our undevelop potency and develop potency, and how to change our undevelop potency become new potential energy together with our develop potency would be able to increase our optimum or even maximun power of capacity, in everything, whether in making future continous relationship, trade or business, advertising or etc !, so everything would become easy, simple and can not easily be desperate !, in simple way to knowing our self find it in SPOCK or, in that new search engine I find DIGITAL WORLD, Digital world is one of the program that arrange to know our self, do it step by step and finally you will know who you are !, what kind of type you are, and who is very suitable in making relationship with you !.
In reality world, we cannot do try out for everything, so Digital World I find in I can arrange my own and see the result and then I got my type who really am I, by knowing our own type may be people able to hide and change it become positip motivation for increasing optimum power !, in you will know it is very simple and easy knowing our self by trying into DIGITAL WORLD, so try it now and find out who you are !

Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

Product Label ( Market Review )

Several days in a week peoples accustomed going shopping, either in Mall, Super Mall , Hyper Mall, Drug Store or even in Traditional Market , so much thing must be bougth for daily needs, especially for food, beverages or others, but sometimes peoples forget to check the labeling of the product because its almost impossible for such big Mall sold the goods without label.
Whatever, as the consumer, peoples must know about the label of the product which we buy, because label is the formal sign of the product to inform the user about the content, composition, weight, standart and quality of the product and the address of the company that costumer might be able to contact with, besides it customer is necessary to know about import licensing and Expired date on its. The importance of knowing its just to find whether the composition of product is food grade or without using harmful material for human consumption which may has impact in long term use., expired date is also the important thing people must know, because out of date goods it might be change in taste, colour, performance and even sometimes it could be dangerous and harmful for costumer health and can caused poisoning cases ! so if you love your own lifes what must you do to keep you always in good health so you can do surfing and blog walking around ?

Selasa, 20 Mei 2008

Fishery Production ( Market Review )

Jambi marine water territory has many various of fish, export potential of Jambi from fresh fish water product as like Tiger pawn, shrim fish, crustacean ( frozen Cuttle Fish ) and so on was exported to international market in fresh, chilled and frozen condition.
According to the statistics, export Jambi from fish water products are varieted and increase every year, in 2005 export listed amount 1.790.440,60 kg ( US $ 2.191.563,0 ), in 2006 about 1.535.573,00 kg ( US $ 8.435.001,43 ) and in 2007 is about 1.606.853,00 kg ( US $ 2.842.655,35.) , meanwhile export fish product are export mostly in to South east Asia Country like Singapura and Malaysia, besides also export to Japan and Korea.
Further more fish product from Jambi is from ikan Keramba ( foating net system ) which can be easily finding along the river sides of Batanghari, the most product from keramba is patin Jambal / patin Jambi ( Pegassus Jambal ), but mostly product still sell in domestic market.
The potential fishery in Jambi is not yet exploited optimally because most of the fisherman still operating with traditional boats and equipment, and the companies produce fish product are mostly medium scale industries, therefore it is good opportunity for interested entreprenuer to invest in this sector either in fisheries / sea produce manufacture, Nila gift cultivation ( float net system ) or fish pond cultivation in Jambi.

Rabu, 14 Mei 2008

Market Review ( Souvenir )

In modern society nowadays, giving or presenting and exchanging gift or souvenir between friend, relatives or others have become a tradition, the tradition in turn has pushed the development of industries that produce gift articles.
In Jambi there are some famous gift articles of handicraft product, like hand made tradition woven cloth ( textiles ) called BATIK JAMBI, it can make a dress or shirt, beatiful in colours with specific design according to the region, the production of Batik Jambi can easily be found in all over region in Jambi, or in souvenir shop like Dekranasda / PKK or others shopping centre, the production of Batik Jambi are produce mostly by Small entrepreneur.
COFFEE and TEA of KERINCI are also the most popular gift from Jambi, its can easily to take and has very delicious taste, tea plantation is grown in higth mountainous area in Gunung Kerinci where the ones of highest mountain in jambi and Sumatera Island.
the gift from handicraft product usually called " BETUNG CRAFT ", betung is a small village where the people in the village almost all of them are handicraftman and produce betung craft, betung craft has many kind of product like : ashtray,furniture, flower stage and other stationary goods, furniture design usually according to the customer needed, most favorable design is dragon craft/carving, because it was very peculiar,antique,contemporary and very artistic !, and its really hand made carving, and the raw material of betung handicraft is made from wood / root of wood where its can easily find in the area.
For FOOD it also can easily be found many kind of snacklikes Nanas Goreng, Dodol Nanas, KeripikUbi, Gelamai Selai Pisang,Emping Melinjo etc, all of them are produce by small scale industries, where grown spread all over the region. supporting with good condition ans stable situation, make Jambi become potential tourist travelling, trading or even take place the if you visit Jambi which ones of gift that you really wanna chose ?

Selasa, 29 April 2008

Jambi Export ( 2007 )

1. Crum Rubber……………………........193.942.016 kg
2. Plywood….………………...………......135.614.217 kg
3. Wood Working……………..……......…16.272.944 kg
4. Crude Palm Oil……………………......13.000.000 kg
5. Pulp & Tissue ………------…………127.882.663 kg
6. Other Industry product…………….70.322.421 kg
7. Fishery…..…………………….......……..1.606.835 kg.
8. Plantation……….......………………….14.255.885 kg
9. Agriculture……………………….........……106.204 kg
10. Forest by product……………...………..346. 200 kg
11. Mining……………………..........………121.950.000 kg

Cr = sir 20,
Pl = plywood, blockboard,laminated
WW = moulding dowel
PT = Tissue,pulp,facial white,etc
In = CCO, rattan, coconut briket,copra, surimi etc.
Fs = frozen cuttle fish,frozen shrimpis etc.
Pl = coffee, areca,cassiavera,coconut fiber.
Ag = Potetoes, kol etc.
Fr = dragon blood,
Mn = Briket

Senin, 21 April 2008

Add my Friend Link ( postingan sedikit Menyimpang cuma utk 7 hari )

Sebelumnya siapkan dulu Note Pad di ( All Program >> Asesoris>> Note Pad.lalu copy - copy aja dulu link2 Rekan2 Blogger yang sudah kasih komen dan ngajak tukeran link ke dalam Note Pad.
lalu masuk ke Steps berikut :

1.Copy paste your favorite link into New site URL Field ( ex. )
2.Make a Name into New Site Name Field (ex. Free-english )
3.Press Add Link Button
4.Save Changes

Jumat, 18 April 2008

Jambi related to Turky

Jambi related to Turki, is it real ? yes !, Some centuries ago, old jambi region was le ad/managed by sultan ( king ) called Datuk Tuanku Berhala, Datuk Tuanku Berhala is from Turki who married with Putri Pinang Masak the princess from Pagaruyung Kingdom located in west Sumatra, they lived in Jambi and become King and queen of Jambi, until now we easily can find his historical remain in Jambi such as Island named Pulau Berhala, in this island rest in peace Datuk Paduka Berhala ( king of Jambi ), now a days that island become traveling island for people of jambi besides finding ancient jambi and historical remains of Datuk Tuanku Berhala, The island is not very big and sorounding by blue sea with white sands beach, very beautiful island.
if you are traveling in Jambi besides you can visit Pulau Berhala you can also visit Candi Muaro Jambi ( Muaro Jambi Temple ) which holy place for hindu budha religion, but the temple is build in batu bata ( soil Block) not made from stone, and that is why Jambi was also said one of the location of Sriwijaya kingdom (eventhougt is still in dicussion)

Kamis, 17 April 2008

very tired days

Along this week I feel like tired because some times I can not find my blog and it is not as usually, I tried to find by other links and I do find it but my link was written with yellow stabillo I was upset, why ? first step I tried to ask to blogger team and soon my blog apear clearly, then missing again I tried 2nd step by sending information to our blogger friend "ETAVASY" by sending him email, and of course he really pleased to help me with open heart, and soon my blog apear again, until now I realy happy because with a little touch my site came to me, but why it must happen like that, I still do not know, and until when ?, some how I realy happy have a friend like ETAVASI, thanks alot for your advice which make me forget what we call frustrate, Good Luck Sabah Malaysia !, happy nice day friend !

Rabu, 09 April 2008

Agriculture Commodities Prices

Prices of some commodities in agriculture market( Agro Sellers Market in Jambi):

1. Pinang ( areca ) .................Rp. 4.300 - Rp.5.000 /Kg
2. Cassiavera .......................Rp. 4.850 - Rp. 6.900 / kg
3. Kemiri ...........................Rp. 2.200 / Kg
4. Kopi biji Robusta.................Rp. 16.250 /kg
5. Kelapa biji ......................Rp. 1.800 / butir
6. Beras (Rice ).....................Rp. 4.100 /kg
7. Rempah tunjuk langit..............Rp. 25.000 /kg
8. Biji coklat ......................Rp. 18.250 /kg
1. sirup kayu manis..................Rp.5.500 /botol
2. Dodol kentang ....................Rp.3.200 /kg

Total transaksi pada tanggal 8 April 2008 Rp. 1.610.000.000,-

Senin, 17 Maret 2008

Jambi Interesting Business Program

An interesting Business program placed in Jambi by Industry and Trade Jambi Provincial office is arranged for buyer meet seller at the place, with detail below :

Program name : Pasar Agro / Agriculture Seller's Market
Event Time schedule : Gradually each 3 months/ 4 times in a year, next event on April 7 th 2008 in jambi
Event Coordinator : Industry and Trade Jambi Provincial Office
Participant : Buyer & Seller, Sellers are from all Jambi region,some Buyers are cames from abroad ( Singapore, Malaysia, etc )
Commodity : All Agriculture Commodities, eg : Ikan Patin/Pegasus Jambal Fish, Potatoes, Biji Pinang ( Areca/Bettle nut ), Rubbers, minyak nilam( essensial Oil ),copra,charcoal, casiavera etc.
Add information : Seller bring product xample, description of volume and quality of product which is available in stock and start opening the price / bargaining.

All participant either from domestic or abroad are welcome joint the program, interested ?, please let us know for your further information and contact us.

Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Potency Products from Jambi

Jambi Region had many potential product from Natural resources likes :

1. Oil Palm Estate Crop ( Kelapa Sawit )
2. Coconut Estate Crop ( Kelapa )
3. Rubber Plantation ( Karet )
4. Coffee
5. Casiavera ( Cinnamon )
6. Fishery Product ( Perikanan )
7. Others Commodities : Areca, Potato, Kerinci Tea, Fish water pond, Cacao, fruits and Vegetable, Pegassus Djambal ( patin ), etc.

For Investor who interested invest in Jambi, there are several items below are available in the area of jambi :


1. Fish Pond Cultivation
2. Sea Produces Manufacture
3. Nila Gift Cultivation ( Float Net System )
4. Fishery Produce Manufacture
5. Casiavera Development
6. Avocado Plants Development
7. Diary Cow Cultivation
8. Cow Lubricating
9. Srimpond Cultivation
10. Rubber Old wood and Rubber Plant
11. Mineral Stones & Mining
12. Industries Further Processing Product ( like CPO,CCO,Rubber etc )

Kamis, 28 Februari 2008

lanjutan Jambi Export /Import

b. Various Import Commodities :
1. Consument Goods :
Jambi Import likes : Condensed Milk, Skim Milk, Teri/Bilis Fish, Soya bean, Carrots, Garlic, Plastic bags, Red Union, Dried Chilli, White sugar, Soft Drink, Mackerel, Tyres, Carpets, etc.
2. Industry ( raw material & equipment ) :
industri in Jambi needs : Melamin Powder, Industrial Flour & Industrial Salt, Polyvinyl alcohol, Phenol, Sodium sulphat, sodium Chlorida, RM for Pulp Processing, Many kind of industrian machine parts for Pulp and Papers industry, wood working, Crumb Rubber, etc. like Mild steel plate, Temperatur censored, puraspec Absorbent, Mild Steel Formed Film, edge Coating signal, Lighting Fixture, Compressor, Partial Shipment consord, Elbow, Welded elbow, Valve, etc.
3. Capital Goods :
Jambi needs capital goods like : Build Up Industial Machine eg. Coconut Fiber Processing Machine, Dynamo, Dutch Oven.

Total Import Jambi During Januari- Maret 2007 amount US $ 28.569.043,04 and 75 % of its for Industries raw material and equipment.

Import Countries are from : Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, UK etc.

Senin, 25 Februari 2008

Jambi Export / Import

A. Variuos Export From Jambi
1. Agriculture : Potato/Kentang, Kol
2. Plantation : Areca/Pinang,Arabica coffee,Casiavera,coconut fiber, candle nuts/kemiri, Palm nutshell/kernel
3. Fisheries : fresh shrimps/Udang segar jambi, Kepiting, Frozen Cuttle fish, ikan Hias, Senangin sea fish frozen
4.Industries : Rubber SIR 20, Plywood, Film Face,Wood Working, Moulding, Finger joint, Pulp and Paper, Premium White toiled, CPO and CCO, RDB Coconut Oil, Charcoal, Rattan handicraft of jambi, frozen surimi, Emping Melinjo.
5. Other product from jambi forest : Getah jelutung /Dragon Blood, Getah jernang

Export Favourable Countries are listed 37 countries, and there are 5 countries as dominan market, namely Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China and USA. while jambi export to others countries only 2 % like India, South Afrika, Europe, Australia etc.
In Jambi there are 3 sea port/ port of loading including 1 Air port.

Jumat, 22 Februari 2008


artikal iseng dari mahen Jambi yang coba menulis dan salam untuk kawan Perindag di Jbi, kalu mau kirim komentar dan artikel silahkan hubungi saya di email : dan my blog/URL diatas.

Home Business Scams and How to Avoid Them

You’ve heard their highly tempting proposition at least once: with this job or business, you’ll make money fast and in large amounts, without having to work as hard as you’re working now, and in the comfort of your own home. But are such offers to be trusted? How can you tell if a home business offer is fake or for real? Here are a few of the most common business scams you should avoid:

The Classic “Envelope Stuffing” Scam

Perhaps the most infamous of all home-based business scams, this one requires you to send a small fee to a company who will send you a specific number of envelopes to stuff. You are promised to be paid a fee for every envelope that you stuff, but more often than not, the money never comes, and instead of earning, you’ve actually lost money because of the fee you initially paid the company.

The “Call 1-900-“ Scam

Advertisements for this scam will tell you to call a 1-900 number in order to obtain more information on a home-business offer or a work-at-home job. But 1-900 numbers, unlike 1-800 ones, are not toll fee and require a fee, so you end up losing money by just making the call. And the information they promised? Often such information is next to trivial, and totally useless.

The Scam that Turns You into a Scammer

With this one, you’ll usually receive an email promising you lots of earnings by just using your computer at home to send out some emails. All you have to do is send them a small fee to receive some instructions.

What you get for the fee you paid them are instructions on how you can send the same email you received to other addresses. And the payback you get? Non-existent.

Some Tips on How You Can Avoid Home-Business Scams

1. If it seems too good to be true, chances are, it probably is. If a home business idea or work-at-home-job offers you huge amounts of money for doing next to nothing, chances are, what you’ll actually get in return is next to nothing – or worse, you would’ve lost money as well.

2. Never pay a company for the chance to work. Remember, you’re looking for a job home-based business because you want to be paid, not the other way around.

3. If it’s spam, it’s most likely a scam. There’s only one thing to do with spam, and that’s hit delete.

A home-based business can be a very lucrative and fulfilling venture, but make sure that you’re starting one that’s legitimate and with actual worth. Otherwise, you’ll realize that you’ve left your job only to be taken advantage of.

And finally if you jambi people : you have to know it.

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