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Selasa, 20 Mei 2008

Fishery Production ( Market Review )

Jambi marine water territory has many various of fish, export potential of Jambi from fresh fish water product as like Tiger pawn, shrim fish, crustacean ( frozen Cuttle Fish ) and so on was exported to international market in fresh, chilled and frozen condition.
According to the statistics, export Jambi from fish water products are varieted and increase every year, in 2005 export listed amount 1.790.440,60 kg ( US $ 2.191.563,0 ), in 2006 about 1.535.573,00 kg ( US $ 8.435.001,43 ) and in 2007 is about 1.606.853,00 kg ( US $ 2.842.655,35.) , meanwhile export fish product are export mostly in to South east Asia Country like Singapura and Malaysia, besides also export to Japan and Korea.
Further more fish product from Jambi is from ikan Keramba ( foating net system ) which can be easily finding along the river sides of Batanghari, the most product from keramba is patin Jambal / patin Jambi ( Pegassus Jambal ), but mostly product still sell in domestic market.
The potential fishery in Jambi is not yet exploited optimally because most of the fisherman still operating with traditional boats and equipment, and the companies produce fish product are mostly medium scale industries, therefore it is good opportunity for interested entreprenuer to invest in this sector either in fisheries / sea produce manufacture, Nila gift cultivation ( float net system ) or fish pond cultivation in Jambi.


umi_e mengatakan...

Salam... wahhhhh bagus sekali n3 nya :)

* saya saved alamatnya di fav ;)

Anonim mengatakan...

Funny but why fish have to be exported or imported while we can produce our own.. Just another way of making business which makes the price higher..

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