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Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

Product Label ( Market Review )

Several days in a week peoples accustomed going shopping, either in Mall, Super Mall , Hyper Mall, Drug Store or even in Traditional Market , so much thing must be bougth for daily needs, especially for food, beverages or others, but sometimes peoples forget to check the labeling of the product because its almost impossible for such big Mall sold the goods without label.
Whatever, as the consumer, peoples must know about the label of the product which we buy, because label is the formal sign of the product to inform the user about the content, composition, weight, standart and quality of the product and the address of the company that costumer might be able to contact with, besides it customer is necessary to know about import licensing and Expired date on its. The importance of knowing its just to find whether the composition of product is food grade or without using harmful material for human consumption which may has impact in long term use., expired date is also the important thing people must know, because out of date goods it might be change in taste, colour, performance and even sometimes it could be dangerous and harmful for costumer health and can caused poisoning cases ! so if you love your own lifes what must you do to keep you always in good health so you can do surfing and blog walking around ?


E-Tavasi mengatakan...

Nice tips :D i want to have good health i can always do blog walking :)

Anonim mengatakan...

thanx f ur i. Nice blog.
keep healthy and keep blog walking,,

Anonim mengatakan...

thank you so much i already added you in my paged.

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