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Rabu, 14 Mei 2008

Market Review ( Souvenir )

In modern society nowadays, giving or presenting and exchanging gift or souvenir between friend, relatives or others have become a tradition, the tradition in turn has pushed the development of industries that produce gift articles.
In Jambi there are some famous gift articles of handicraft product, like hand made tradition woven cloth ( textiles ) called BATIK JAMBI, it can make a dress or shirt, beatiful in colours with specific design according to the region, the production of Batik Jambi can easily be found in all over region in Jambi, or in souvenir shop like Dekranasda / PKK or others shopping centre, the production of Batik Jambi are produce mostly by Small entrepreneur.
COFFEE and TEA of KERINCI are also the most popular gift from Jambi, its can easily to take and has very delicious taste, tea plantation is grown in higth mountainous area in Gunung Kerinci where the ones of highest mountain in jambi and Sumatera Island.
the gift from handicraft product usually called " BETUNG CRAFT ", betung is a small village where the people in the village almost all of them are handicraftman and produce betung craft, betung craft has many kind of product like : ashtray,furniture, flower stage and other stationary goods, furniture design usually according to the customer needed, most favorable design is dragon craft/carving, because it was very peculiar,antique,contemporary and very artistic !, and its really hand made carving, and the raw material of betung handicraft is made from wood / root of wood where its can easily find in the area.
For FOOD it also can easily be found many kind of snacklikes Nanas Goreng, Dodol Nanas, KeripikUbi, Gelamai Selai Pisang,Emping Melinjo etc, all of them are produce by small scale industries, where grown spread all over the region. supporting with good condition ans stable situation, make Jambi become potential tourist travelling, trading or even take place the if you visit Jambi which ones of gift that you really wanna chose ?


Unknown mengatakan...

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Mama Shahira dan Syafiq mengatakan...

Hi.. I never been to see batik jambi.. Could you post picture of batik jambi..?

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