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Kamis, 26 Juni 2008

Celebrating HARGANAS AND BBGRM In Jambi

Jambi are crowded today !, so much peoples come for celebrating HARGANAS ( Hari Keluarga Nasional ) and BBRGM ( Bulan Bakti Gotong Royong Masyarakat ) ke XV where held in Jambi from 25 June untill 30 June 2008, total people come and visited Jambi about 6.500 from All over Region / Province in Indonesia ( about 33 Regions /province ) start from Aceh till very far Province like Papua Barat, each region send 100 - 300 participants to joining this programme and activities in HARGANAS.
HARGANAS ( Hari Keluarga Nasional ) or its means Family National Days which celebrating Annually and take place in the capital of the Province, and this year Jambi turn as a central of the celebration.if Indonesia do not have National Family Planning Program it will be added more than million baby birth every years !
as Impact of that many various hotel either International hotels or Home stay was really full, many activities are done like Trade and Business Exhibition followed by all over region from Indonesia with various goods like handicraft, food and beverages, ornament, electronic and even vehicle which the main product of each participant region, Jambi people fell very happy because we able to find the other souvenir from the other side of Indonesia that we never seen before or will never found in Jambi Market. besides we can compare the progress development of other region, because our Indonesia is very Big and Large Country which has many Various language and tribes, food and religion in each Province.
The Trade and Business Exhibition was opened by Mrs. Mufidah Yusuf Kalla ( vice president wife ).

Senin, 09 Juni 2008

Cooking Fiesta ( MURI record )

Cooking always interesting, but how to cook a lot of fish using the burner ? last Saturday morning on 07 june 2008 there was a fiesta for Jambi peoples, the burner for cooking fiesta was placed alongside the road ( about 4.500 m or 4,5 km along ) in front of governor office and 7 tons of Patin Jambal Fish ( pegassus Jambal fish ) are available and ready to cook by 4500 peoples as participant ( including me ! ), each participant was given about 2,5 kg of fish, and the result? As like me my fish were really burned out and mostly black in color, its because the fire was not burning nicely at that time.
However that activity was recorded as the longest ones in Indonesia, the past record only 4,2 km from Mamuju Sulawesi Selatan. And as the mainly sponsored Gavernor of Jambi Drs. H. Zulkipli Nurdin received a certificate as the longest ones for cooking patin Jambal fish from Jambi by MURI ( Musium Record of Indonesia )

Minggu, 01 Juni 2008

DIGITAL WORLD ( Push Your Own Potency)

Have you ever known who really you are ? ?, so much people says that I know who I am, what I am like and dislike, but is it really they had known who they are ?, why must we know our self potency ?,what is the importance of knowing our self potency ?of course that all is very valuable to know our undevelop potency and develop potency, and how to change our undevelop potency become new potential energy together with our develop potency would be able to increase our optimum or even maximun power of capacity, in everything, whether in making future continous relationship, trade or business, advertising or etc !, so everything would become easy, simple and can not easily be desperate !, in simple way to knowing our self find it in SPOCK or, in that new search engine I find DIGITAL WORLD, Digital world is one of the program that arrange to know our self, do it step by step and finally you will know who you are !, what kind of type you are, and who is very suitable in making relationship with you !.
In reality world, we cannot do try out for everything, so Digital World I find in I can arrange my own and see the result and then I got my type who really am I, by knowing our own type may be people able to hide and change it become positip motivation for increasing optimum power !, in you will know it is very simple and easy knowing our self by trying into DIGITAL WORLD, so try it now and find out who you are !

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