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Senin, 09 Juni 2008

Cooking Fiesta ( MURI record )

Cooking always interesting, but how to cook a lot of fish using the burner ? last Saturday morning on 07 june 2008 there was a fiesta for Jambi peoples, the burner for cooking fiesta was placed alongside the road ( about 4.500 m or 4,5 km along ) in front of governor office and 7 tons of Patin Jambal Fish ( pegassus Jambal fish ) are available and ready to cook by 4500 peoples as participant ( including me ! ), each participant was given about 2,5 kg of fish, and the result? As like me my fish were really burned out and mostly black in color, its because the fire was not burning nicely at that time.
However that activity was recorded as the longest ones in Indonesia, the past record only 4,2 km from Mamuju Sulawesi Selatan. And as the mainly sponsored Gavernor of Jambi Drs. H. Zulkipli Nurdin received a certificate as the longest ones for cooking patin Jambal fish from Jambi by MURI ( Musium Record of Indonesia )


Etavasi mengatakan...

Hehehe :D mahendra you a very good in cooking you burn the fish until look black hehehe...

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Tips Blogging mengatakan...

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yuva mengatakan...

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