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Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

Investment Promotion ( Jambi Promo )

Some of major commodities grown in the area of Jambi are : Rubber Plantation, Palm Crops, Coconut, Cassiavera, etc, and has been exporting to foreign countries, but most of these commodities still exporting in raw material like Rubber SIR 20, CPO ( Crude Palm Oil ), and CCO ( Crude Coconut Oil).
To Increase the value added and product diversification, its needed further more processing like tyre, cooking oil, margarine, etc, for that the government of Jambi Province offers very interesting program for businessman or investors who are interested in setting up investment in this region, such as : good location, Tax, licensing, transportation and port to export the product.

Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Keep in touch friend ( Blog Review )

Entering the first week of 2009, to enhance friendship with my fellow blogger friends I try to greet all my friends in my bloglist, I need to pay a visit to the friends while saying “ Happy New Year “ or “ Visiting here with smiles and flowers “ or “I hope you more better in this year “. Etc. many of friends in my bloglist are very helpful in the development and lay out the contents of my blog, that is why I need to say thanks to these friends.
I start and visit from A until Z because the list is very long, after visiting friends in my bloglist, I have 2 kinds of feeling that arised, first…feeling very happy because I got response from friend whom I visited, the second is feeling a little disappointed because my name was not listed in their bloglist , but I think he might be forget because we have a commit before link exchange?
Overall I am very happy, because i have got the best feedback and impressive suggestion from all blogger friends, that is why at this chance I want to congratulate happy new year 2009 and keep blogging….!

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