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Senin, 25 Februari 2008

Jambi Export / Import

A. Variuos Export From Jambi
1. Agriculture : Potato/Kentang, Kol
2. Plantation : Areca/Pinang,Arabica coffee,Casiavera,coconut fiber, candle nuts/kemiri, Palm nutshell/kernel
3. Fisheries : fresh shrimps/Udang segar jambi, Kepiting, Frozen Cuttle fish, ikan Hias, Senangin sea fish frozen
4.Industries : Rubber SIR 20, Plywood, Film Face,Wood Working, Moulding, Finger joint, Pulp and Paper, Premium White toiled, CPO and CCO, RDB Coconut Oil, Charcoal, Rattan handicraft of jambi, frozen surimi, Emping Melinjo.
5. Other product from jambi forest : Getah jelutung /Dragon Blood, Getah jernang

Export Favourable Countries are listed 37 countries, and there are 5 countries as dominan market, namely Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China and USA. while jambi export to others countries only 2 % like India, South Afrika, Europe, Australia etc.
In Jambi there are 3 sea port/ port of loading including 1 Air port.


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