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Kamis, 04 September 2008


During this month, there are so much discount offering from many Mall, Super Mall or Traditional Market, for many kinds of products , whether its brand-new or old label, and of course its make much people confuse how to chose the right ones, but how far do we know about trade mark or brand, many people just know that trade mark or brand is the name of product, in simple way if we think about something like suits, beverages, TV, fast foot, cars and other of our daily needs, automatically we would think about the brand name of product that easy to remember and well-known in use, what is the importance of knowing trade mark or brand for us ? how about the relation between trade mark or brand name with quality or prices?, just one thing we must know that trade mark or well-known brand name not always related with the asset or investment even in prices, and in many cases trade mark or brand is more higher than asset, so what do you want to buy from the product, quality, price, label, brand name? or one of my friend said to me that he was marketing this but not selling it, wow.. how could it be ? business and trading language make up set and more confuse !


Anonim mengatakan...

ahn nyeong haseyo!!, apa kabar..
nambahin comment ya..
Merek,harga dan kualitas,...semua tentu saling berkaitan..setiap konsumen pasti memiliki sudut pandang yg berbeda-beda. konsumen yg mementingkan prestise mungkin membeli barang karna merekny, tapi disisi lain kualitas juga penting, biasanya merek yang terkenal sangat menjaga kepercayaan konsumen dengan menggunakan standar kualitas terbaik dan tentu saja pelayanan, termasuk didalamnya pelayanan purna jual.
sedangkan harga biasanya ditentukan berdasarkan apa yang tercakup didalam produk dan disesuaikan dengan target pasar...

dete mengatakan...

thank you for visite-me, have a nice day!

Sandra mengatakan...

Just a sweet hello~

Sandra mengatakan...

Yes you are very right we need to pay attention to growing populations.

dete mengatakan...

love la music, tahks for you too, have a nice day

Anonim mengatakan...

Oi minha querida!!!

Vim retribuir sua visita.Obrigada pelo carinho
ao meu cantinho,aqui tb é muito lindo te ofereço
meu award e presente amigo do coração com muito
carinho espero que aceite, fiquei
muito feliz de ter conhecido vc.
Conte sempre com minha amizade...

"Acredite na magia, pois a vida é cheia dela!
Acredite em si mesmo, porque dentro de você
reside toda a magia da esperança,
do amor e dos sonhos de amahã."

Desejo um Fim de semana
maravilhoso e que ele seja
repleto de boas surpresas.

Obrigada pelo carinho e
sua preciosa amizade...

Beijinhos carinhosos em seu
lindo coração. Silvia

Anonim mengatakan...

Hello , mahendra, while here it is day is high dawn there. My English is bad but y hope you understand Good sunday.

Anonim mengatakan...

Oi pretty angel! I came to repay its visit. Debtor for the affection to mine cantinho, tb is very pretty here offers to mine award to you and gift friend of the heart with much affection I wait that she has accepted, I was very happy to have known vc. It always counts on my friendship… " It believes the magic, therefore the life is full of it! It believes exactly itself, because inside of you the magic of the hope inhabits all, of the love and the dreams of amahã." It has a sunday wonderful and that it is repleto of good surprises. Debtor for affection e its precious friendship… Affectionate little kisses in its pretty heart. Silvia

Anonim mengatakan...

We have to be very careful in any business we do. Tq

eye in the sky mengatakan...

i think the main consideration shouldn't be brand but quality at the least price offered. people need to be practical nowadays. if the most popular brand that's been endlessly blaring on our tv sets are not as good as the ones that are way cheaper, then we forget the branded product altogether. people these days are smarter... out of economic necessity. :->

Anonim mengatakan...

A good post, nice info.

shzainzy mengatakan...

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ThaNKs a lot!
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Anonim mengatakan...

Thanks for really nice comment in my blog! i give u some support to.. Have a great day(~_^)

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