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Kamis, 17 April 2008

very tired days

Along this week I feel like tired because some times I can not find my blog and it is not as usually, I tried to find by other links and I do find it but my link was written with yellow stabillo I was upset, why ? first step I tried to ask to blogger team and soon my blog apear clearly, then missing again I tried 2nd step by sending information to our blogger friend "ETAVASY" by sending him email, and of course he really pleased to help me with open heart, and soon my blog apear again, until now I realy happy because with a little touch my site came to me, but why it must happen like that, I still do not know, and until when ?, some how I realy happy have a friend like ETAVASI, thanks alot for your advice which make me forget what we call frustrate, Good Luck Sabah Malaysia !, happy nice day friend !


Anonim mengatakan...

You are welcome...
Nice...Mahendra you get your blog back.. .. Thanks to you too for became my friends :)

Etavasi :D

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