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Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Jambi Export (January – Mei 2009)

The realization of the export value of Jambi Province starting from January up to May 2009 recorded the volume of 287,824 thousand tons with a value of U.S. $ 167,116 million, while in 2008 there were 284,679 thousand tons with a value of U.S. $ 293,781 million, as such, the volume of export amount is not much different, but in terms of the price decrease compared to previous years.
Komodity that contribute to the export of Jambi are : Crude Coconut Oil, Pinang beans, coffee, stone ballast, Pulp and Tissue, and crumb rubber.


Meryl (proud pinay) mengatakan...

hi mahen, nice post.
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Keiichi mengatakan...

I think Jambi is nice place.

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Reza mengatakan...

wah sesama sumatra kita..hehe...
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