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Minggu, 19 Juli 2009

Looking Forward for next decade

Jambi has developed very well in the last few years, the provincial government is stable and have made much progress, in the future production of Crude Palm Oil and Rubber will continue to lead the next decade as expansion program to expand the plantation, and as a result of the revitalization program is placed today , also on the future of this region need more investor to increase investment in the agricultural sector, developing of processing industries to increase the export of goods that have been in the process rather than export of raw materials like mostly today.
Small businesses to manufacture products still under pressure from other regions and even from imports, but some food products and beverages seems still have the competitiveness in the market such as dodol, coffee, tea, mineral water and many more types of Cryspy snacks.
For fashion and clothing, one of the famous product is the Batik Jambi, in the future are expected to be more competitive to meet the needs of customers in the market


Ana Cristina mengatakan...

Hello my friend, thanks about the bunglons. Was nice to know that. They are beautiful, interesting, high tech (optical fiber), but I prefer them very far away from me, as I'm quite afraid of reptiles.
Wish you all the best for the starting week!

Fada Pri mengatakan...

hello my friend. Vim te ver estou de site novo.. um abra├žo

ejay mengatakan...

Hi.. :) I hav added u..Check out.. :) pls add me too.. :)

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